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Are you looking for a kids guitar, a wooden xylophone or a jack in a box toy? We have a cute selection of baby and kids musical toys and wind up musical toys with beautiful sounds as they belong to the best gifts for an one year old birthday! We also sell a lot of kids tambourines and musical sets online as musical toys for toddlers are really that popular! Call us if you would like to hear the products until we make the sounds available online. We are happy to serve!

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Brand: Kaper Kidz

These are smooth well-made animal bell sticks. There a 4 different animals to chose from with rounded ends are a safety feature. The bell sticks are made with good quality wood and the paint used is non-toxic.  Length : 20cm

Lady Bug
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Brand: Koala Dream

This cute little wind up music box plays Mary Had a Little Lamb. Wind it up and the tune will play, & the two wooden animals will start to spin. The animals are magnetic. This is a great little gift and...

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Brand: Pink Poppy

The Mermaid Dreaming Musical Carousel from Pink Poppy is stunning and mesmorising. Wind up and watch the beautiful mermaides ride in the underwater wonderland to the tune  'Moon River'. Hand crafted Hand painted Made from quality polyresin Suitable for ages...

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Brand: Calm & Breezy

  The Marble Run Sound Tree is a beautiful wooden tree with delicately coloured leaves. Place the marble on the top leaf and releas, as it cascades down the leaves make different tones. This is a calming and mesmerising toy...

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Brand: Svoora

The Svoora Spinning Top is a fantastic musical spinning top with timeless charm. Pump the handle up and down to see the top spin around and play the sound.  22cm x 22cm x 22cm 

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