Dinosaur Toys

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Brand: MDI

This awesome Dinosaur Torch Projecor is lots of fun. It comes with 3 picture reels containing 8 pictures each. Slot each reel into the camera and project colour dinosaur pictures onto the wall. Turn off the lights, hide under the...


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Brand: The Original Glow Stars Company

These Cosmic Glow Dinosaurs are made of a high quality plastic and come with adhesive pads. When the lights go out at night time they glow producing a fantastic display. This kit comes with six large dinosaurs, 3 stars, 3...


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Brand: Kaleidoscope

Who says arts and crafts is only something for girls. Enter the amazing prehistoric world of dinosaurs with this great Djeco craft kit. The set comes with 24 origami sheets to fold and create dinosaurs.  Comes with crystal clear step...


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Brand: Usborne

Beautifully illustrated jigsaw and book makes a wonderful present. High quality, 100-piece jigsaw is a perfect introduction to intermediate level puzzles Usborne Picture Puzzles Dinosaurs book is full of fun challenges that help children develop vital skills including visual discrimination...


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Brand: Tiger Tribe

These beautifully illustrated kids colouring sets are jam-packed with art activities, coloured markers and stickers.  For creative kids who love dinosaur toys this is the perfect set to inspire and great for screen free fun.    Each set contains: •...


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Brand: Kaper Kidz

These super cute magnetic fridge animal dinosaurs are cut from wood with colourful dinosaurs printed on top. Comes in a pack of 20 in a nice milk carton packaging. A perfect gift for young children.  9cm x 21cm x 8cm 


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Brand: Avenir

This Stamp & Match set by Avenir is a perfect way to get creative.  The set includes 15 wooden stamps and three different coloured ink pads. Use the stamp shapes to make your own fantasy creatures and designs.  Perfect for...