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Bbox makes some of the best sippy and baby cups. The sippy cups are great because they have a no spill spout and weighted straw for drinking at any angle. Later, their insulated stainless steel water bottles for kids are the bomb! They are perfect for daycare or Kindy. Little Woods also deserves mentioning. They make really cute baby silicone cups and other items. Which one will it be for you?

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Brand: Bbox

The award winning B.Box sippy cup features a weighted straw that moves to the water so kids can drink at any angle. This means that it is great for having in the bed or for kids that are still learning...

Orange Zing
Tutti Frutti
Banana Split
Pink Pom

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Brand: Bbox

This aesthetically pleasing kids insulated drink bottle will keep liquids cool for up to 7 hour sand warm for up to 6 hours. This straw drink bottle is designed for little kids with an easy grab handle and easy open...

Ocean breez
Strawberry Shake
Lemon Sherbet
Passion Splash
Blue Slate
Indigo Rose

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Brand: Bbox

This pack comes wi th two replacement straws and straw tops for the Bbox insulated drink bottle. The straws are made from silicone and are PP, BPA, Phthalates and PVC free. 


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Brand: Bbox

Two spare straws and a cleaning brush - especially for the new sippy cup. To replace straws, remove straw by pulling base of the straw to the side with your thumb and pull down to release. Cleaning brush is...


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Brand: margaretriverrascals

4 cups in 1, taking bubs from bottle feeding to toddler training in one great value pack. Base fits each lid. Simply change lids as baby grows, catering to every age and stage from 4 months to 12 months plus....


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Brand: Little Woods

These silcone cups feature a unique designed lid where the straew pushes into the cup and seals tight.  Straw lid included with every cup  universal straw hole to fit any straw Short and stubby to prevent toppling 100% silicone 270...


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Brand: Little woods

These Twirly Straws are a reusable curly straw. They have a huge 8mm diameter and they are a lot of fun. the straws are flexible and easy clean.   


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Brand: Bbox

Universal silicone lids that turn standard-sized cups into a sippy or straw cup. Each set comes in a two pack, with a straw version and a sippy cup version. Very convenient having a spill free sippy cup or straw cup...

Blue & Green
Purple & Yellow

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Brand: The world of Good

Aqua/Sunny Yellow
Baby pink/ green

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Brand: Bbox

Two spare silicone o-rings - especially for the matte lid sippy cup. To remove o-ring, pull the o-ring’s pull tab from the inner rim. To insert o-ring,  Hold o-ring with one finger in the rim of the lid to keep it in place. Use...


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Brand: Little woods


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Brand: Emondo

   These Bamboo cups from emodo kids are made from eco-friendly biodegradable bamboo straw. They are really durable and perfect for stacking and packing.  This pack comes with four cups each measuring 8cm x 6.5cm  1 Blush, 1 Blue Bell,...