Baby Bowls & Cutlery Sets

Emondo Kids makes some of the most beautiful and sturdy bamboo baby suction plates and bowls we know. They actually work, it's unbelievable! We also stock silicone baby bowls by Little Woods and baby cutlery sets that are biodegradable and thus sustainable by Emondo Kids again. They are ideal for on the go and are light weight to easily fit in any bag. Watch out for new products here!
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Brand: Emondo

This eco kids cutlery set from Emondo Kids is already for action. It is super portable with it’s own snap tight box. They are made from eco friendly degradable wheat straw. Even though they are degradable they are sturdy and...


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Brand: Emondo Kids

This Bamboo Baby Bowl is perfect for use with babies and toddlers. It features an extra strong suction cap that stabilises the bowl and stops spills.  Extra strong suction grip Non-slip and bang resistan Non-toxic Biodegradable  


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Brand: Jiggle & Giggle

These are super cute Bamboo Dinner Sets from Jiggle & Giggle. They are made of eco-friendly bamboo that is dishwasher safe and durable.  4 piece set includes plate, bowl, cup & spoon

Earth Spirit

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Brand: Little woods


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Brand: The world of Good

Purple/Bright Pink/Baby Pink

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Brand: Emondo Kids

Karri the Koala will quickly become a favourite and teh hero of the kitchen when preparing child meals. The plate has 3 compartments so you can seperate food. What better to make mealtime fun for kids and easier for parents. ...