Why choose good quality children’s clothes?

Jumpers, t-shirts, hats, and especially pants - our kids get through them all – and we know it’s the same in every household. Owning a children’s boutique, we have tried various quality brands but also bought secondhand clothing and cheaper brands from big compartment stores – and let me tell you there is a huge difference in how many weeks or years you can get from the different brands. Being a parent, I have worked out which brands look good, fit well and last a long time. Children are hard on clothes, so they must withstand a lot. The question is why should you buy quality kids clothing over cheaper options – is it really worth the extra money to invest in expensive products?

We say YES. One thing we have learned is that it is better to pay a few more dollars on clothes that will last. This is because high quality clothes are robust, mostly more environmentally friendly and often can be passed on to a sibling or friend. We have two boys and there have been a few items that have lasted 4 years in a row. The t-shirts and jumpers have been washed literally hundreds of times and we are proud to minimize our environmental footprint choosing to live minimalistic, yet always look good.

So, we came up with 10 good reasons to choose a few quality children’s clothes over buying many cheap items. Here they come:

  1. High quality fabrics saves money over time

There is nothing worse than getting sucked into a big box retailer on buying a stack of clothes only for them to shrink, twist and be useless after a couple of washes. Not only is this a disaster for the environment, but it also means you are putting nasty fabrics directly on your precious little one’s skin. We make sure that most of our kids’ clothes are made from 100% (organic) cotton, which won’t be pilling and withstand heavy washing and wear and tear much more likely. With a minimalistic lifestyle, buying five jumpers for $60 (=$300) in a size too big so that they will be able to be worn for two years is much more viable compared to buying 30 jumpers for $12 each (= $360) over the same two year span. Yes ok, you have 30 different jumpers compared to just 5, but you get where I am coming from. There is good quality jumpers for $45 and secondhand clothing that can help the equation.

  1. Environmentally conscious

Clothing manufacture can be terrible environmentally with the use of chemicals and poor manufacturing processes. Avoid manufacturing that pollutes the environment. More expensive clothing is much more likely to be produced environmentally friendly (and organic kids clothing uses less baddies in the making). With a minimalistic, high quality style to choose children’s clothing – you are doing an important part towards a more sustainable world.

  1. Chemical free

Scratch scratch, itch itch yuck. Kids clothes don’t have to and shouldn’t be dripping with chemicals. Have a look out for GOTS certified labels that are made with 100% organic. If you are unable to buy organic then wash the clothes a few times before wearing to ensure that residual chemicals are removed as best as possible. 

  1. Fair

It is worth being aware that a lot of our clothing today is made in poor countries with terrible work conditions, and even slave labour? Look out for clothing brands that are ethically manufactured.

  1. Robust

Children are tough on clothes, so they must withstand a lot. If you slide around on the floor all day, your knees will quickly get worn and thin. Clothes that are hard wearing with reinforced zips and buttons are great. The thicker the material, the better it lasts.

  1. Easy-care

Hand washing is just too time-consuming in our busy world. We prefer clothes that are machine washable unless it’s that extra special piece that is simply too beautiful not to own and hence is worth to be handwashed for special occasions.

  1. Practical

Kids clothes need to be practical; this means hard wearing and useful.

  1. Waterproof

Waterproof for the outdoors is great. We look out for hardwearing waterproof clothes for winter that are functional and will last.

  1. Adjustable for growth

You can get a lot out of a clothing item if it is designed to grow with your child. Elastic waistbands and fold over cuffs are great for expanding the wearing life of a clothing item. It gets more commonly produced nowadays so keep looking out for it.

  1. Style

Let’s be honest: Most importantly you also want your little one to look good. Tastes vary and some people like bright colours, others love pastels and a more earthy look. Children also have their own tastes and there is no point buying the most expensive environmentally friendly label if your child refuses to wear it. So we recommend some of the following fantastic Australian kids fashion labels that have it all:


Our favourite Australian kids fashion brands


Crywolf’s success story is rarely seen. Being established only in 2019, the brand is stocked in over 200 stores within three years. Founder, artist and graphic designer Natalie Meldrum is the creative mind behind Crywolf’s fresh styles, the quality of the products and the eco consciousness that her products bring with them. Crywolf’s rainwear is fun, functional and proudly designed and tested in New Zealand. The collection includes 100% waterproof rain boots, play jackets and overalls and the newly innovated magic jackets which change colour when rained on. The innovative eco puffer jackets are filled with recycled water bottles that feel fantastic and keep nicely warm. With Crywolf your kids aged 1-14 are covered!


Huxbaby is all about minimalist fashion for babies and kids with a more grown-up level of style. Their clothes are made mainly of soft organic cotton and ethically produced in India with sustainability as their focus. We too believe that minimalism is a lifestyle and love that their styles are often gender-neutral designs to allow parents the freedom to buy once and buy well. Pair their centre pieces back to essentials and create an unique style for your children.


Miilovemu is an Australian family-owned brand which manufacturers ethically in Bali. With a Bohemian free-spirited style inspired by nature, the beach and earthy colours, this brand is just absolutely stunning! Miilovemu focuses on easy fit comfortable clothing using natural fabrics and unique print designs, and exotic hand and machine emtroidery embellishments. Enjoy this gorgeous label, we are totally in aw with it!


Minti is a Melbourne based original artwork quality label, which has sustainability and excellent craftmanship in mind. Their style is fun and hip, and their quality is incomparable to any other brand. Their clothes certainly last thanks to the best use of material and their ethically manufactured fashion. Their logo says it all: “I LOVE MINTI”.

Rock Your Baby / Rock Your Kid

Rock Your Baby has designed and produced high quality, offbeat fashion for babies and kids for nearly 20 years now. There is nothing comparable to this brand in the kids fashion sector and it is for that reason that people absolutely adore and love it! Every season is striking yet again with its originality and fresh designs, and we are proud to be offering you this breathtaking label!

Wilson & Frenchy

Wilson & Frenchy is an Australian home grown baby and toddler brand with an ethical, approach to all that they do. W&F are loved across the world for its subtle colour palette, hand drawn illustrations, playful graphics, natural and organic fabrics and custom designs. Their cut and sew range and 100% organic cotton sleepwear are made and certified by GOTS fair traders in India, so you can be confident your purchase is ethical. Their ranges are made from all-natural fabrics like bamboo, cotton and wool, ensuring dedication to quality and sustainability. The brand’s designs are original, whimsical and simply beautiful and definitely one of our favourite fashion brands at Margaret River Rascals. Another bonus is that W & F are ‘giving back’ with regular donations to non-for-profit organisations, charities and hospitals. They are definitely a go-to brand for new mums and style conscious shoppers seeking beautiful gifts for friends and family. Enjoy!

If you are looking for great quality clothes check out our collection at Margaret River Rascals.